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Our team of automation consultants can advise you on the best Pipedrive automation workflows & integrations to improve your sales results and save you costs

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Pipedrive CRM automation consulting

As the world’s #1 user-rated CRM, Pipedrive integrates all of the different business software you use to run your business. Our automation experts can show you how to use Pipedrive to achieve the greatest results in the shortest and most efficient time possible.

We can review your existing marketing and sales automation workflows, and calculate your spending to provide advice on possible alternative solutions that will save you time and money — and improve your results.

Marketing automation workflows

The major reason for not implementing marketing automation is a lack of competence, according to 55% of organisations. Your company may be losing money due to a lack of training or difficult-to-use software.

At Automaly, we can help you combine and consolidate your many marketing platforms within Pipedrive CRM, lowering expenses and increasing performance.

Sales automation workflows

Only 33% of a salesperson’s time is spent selling, with the remainder spent drafting emails and entering data. Increasing the amount of time your sales force spends selling will boost your income.

Automate repetitive and mundane duties to keep your sales team selling. Client interactions take less time with Pipedrive workflow automation, while sales efficiency improves.

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Pipedrive integrations

Pipedrive integrates with hundreds of your favorite apps to help your team run smoothly and simplify your sales process. However, choosing the right and the most suitable apps could be challenging.

As Pipedrive’s Premier Partner and experienced automation experts, we know exactly what integrations will power your entire revenue cycle, the fastest.

Need a done-for-you bespoke package? We’re all ears

Let’s talk about how we can help you. Our team can recommend a custom done-for-you service for your sales and marketing teams!

Take your business to the next level


Improve productivity & performance


Get more return from your investment

More efficient

Automate prospect generation


Increase employee job satisfaction

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