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Frequently asked questions

I need to increase my leads and sales, can your team help?

Automaly are business growth experts specialising in helping SMB to grow their business through the use of best in-class technology, automations, and software integrations. As Premier Pipedrive Partners, we help businesses to use the worlds #1 user-rated CRM to get the best result, in the quickest and most efficient way. 

Our team have expertise at all levels; building businesses, managing campaigns, implementing marketing processes and developing successful teams! We’re well placed to advise you on the best workflow automation for your business. With implementation, training, and consultancy services, we’re able to support you at all stages of your automation project.

Why should I consider sales and marketing automation for business growth?

Our experience proves that software integrations and client communications automation is the best way to scale your lead-generation process. 

80% of marketers credit their success to marketing automation. Automated marketing brings 451% increase in quality leads, with 20% of automated nurtured leads converting into sales. Sales and marketing automation helps organisations to grow better and faster. We automate how you find new prospects, drive demand & sell your products and services.

What exactly can Pipedrive CRM automation help with?

Pipedrive CRM integrations and workflow automations benefit the whole sales process, from lead-generation and lead-nurturing to closing the deal. Automation helps with the following areas:

  • Increase prospects, leads and sales opportunities
  • Declutter and streamline your marketing processes
  • Improve the productivity and training of your team
  • Generate consistently more leads in record time
  • Innovate and stay ahead of your competition

What tasks can be automated?

Almost a third of sales tasks and operations can be automated, including:

  • Lead management
  • Customer communications
  • Quote and sales order generation
  • Tracking key sales activities 
  • Analysing sales data

Contact us for more details and to learn what tasks should be automated for your company.


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