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AI & Automation Pricing FAQ

What exactly is included in a retainer agreement?

Our retainer agreement encompasses an ongoing partnership with Automaly to optimize your automation and AI business processes. We identify your business goals and fine-tune our retainers to meet your needs. Our retainers are based around ‘open projects’ and each project represents a specific AI or Automation business improvement. 

How does project-based pricing work?

With project-based pricing, you pay a fixed price for a defined project or goal. The scope is set out at the beginning of the project, including automation and AI integration, CRM consultation, technology audit, and prompt engineering services.

What qualifies as an ‘open’ project in a retainer?

With our retainers, you invest in automation or AI business improvement projects. Your level of investment is linked to the number of projects you can have open at any one time. A project is a specific automation, integration, or AI-based business improvement process.

For example, if you wanted to automate sending a contract to a new prospect by changing the deal status in your CRM, that would be 1 project. Whilst we are working on the project, it is ‘open’. Once tested and completed, it is ‘closed’ and can be replaced by a new project.

Are the retainer projects different complexities?

Yes, your individual projects will likely range from simple to complex. The simpler they are, the quicker we can complete them; once completed, we can start another project.

As part of your automation plan, we’ll first focus on the most impactful automation (regardless of complexity). This means we focus on maximizing ROI from month one.

Is there a minimum duration on the retainer?

Yes, we do have a 3-month minimum duration for our retainers. This ensures that we have sufficient time to thoroughly plan, implement, and effectively measure the impact of our automation and AI solutions in your business environment. Our goal is always to deliver the highest ROI; it takes this initial period to fully set things in motion.

But rest assured, after this initial commitment, we provide flexibility with a one-month notice period. This balance between commitment and flexibility allows us to deliver optimal results while accommodating the evolving needs of your business.

How do you guarantee an ROI?

Our ROI approach is thorough and data-driven. We meticulously calculate the time and cost savings generated from each automation, integration, or AI enhancement we implement. By comparing the value of time saved and the potential contribution to revenue against your investment, we ensure that the benefits surpass the cost.

Our commitment to generating value goes beyond your investment, providing an effective, measurable return. This process allows us to confidently assess the profitability and efficiency improvements you can expect when partnering with Automaly.

Do we need any specific software or tech in place to start?

You’ll need some technology, such as Zapier or Make, and our team can arrange this for you if you need to start using these platforms. We can recommend and help you adopt new technologies to augment your current systems if necessary. Whether it’s CRM integration, implementing a robust AI solution, or streamlining your workflows through automation, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to ensure that your technology is working for you, not the other way around, ultimately freeing up your time to focus on growing your business.

How do you measure the success of your AI & Automation implementations?

Automaly uses data-driven strategies to gauge the success of AI and automation services. We assess time savings, sales boosts, lead generation improvements, and ROI. We also scrutinize process efficiency, data quality and error reduction. Our objective? Align these measures with your business goals.

Be it workflow streamlining, heightened customer satisfaction, or ROI upticks, we strive for tangible, measurable enhancements.

What’s the payment schedule for your services?

We keep our AI & Automation pricing schedule transparent and straightforward. Retainers are payable monthly in advance, and we’re flexible on the start date to match your business requirements. Projects are scoped out in advance, and we require 25% of the estimated cost in advance, 50% once the scoping and finalised costing is complete, and the remaining 25% on project delivery.

How do I give notice on the retainer?

After the initial 3-month term, you can give notice on your retainer simply by providing one month’s written notice. No further payments will be due after the end of your notice period.

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