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Process Health Check FAQ's

What is it, and how can it benefit you?

Our Free Process Health Check is a customised service aimed at showcasing the transformative potential of AI and automation for your business. It focuses on evaluating a specific process within your organisation, identifying cost-saving and efficiency-improving opportunities. You’ll receive expert recommendations on enhancing operational efficiency, detailed analyses of potential savings, and insights into productivity gains.

Who is the Process Health Check for?

This service is designed for business leaders, operations managers, and anyone eager to streamline operational or sales processes. If you like to identify how to minimise manual tasks and leverage data for informed decision-making then this is for you. It’s particularly beneficial for those seeking practical steps to adopt AI and automation for operational excellence.

What do you need from us?

To tailor our Process Health Check to your business, we’ll start with a brief meeting to understand the manual process you wish to optimise. This discussion allows us to customise our analysis to offer the most value. A suitable date for this consultation will be scheduled to accommodate you and your team.

How much does the Workshop cost?

The Process Health Check is offered at no cost. This complimentary service is designed to provide your business with a detailed analysis of how AI and automation can reduce costs and enhance productivity, delivering insights and strategies without any initial investment. To keep the Health Check free for everyone charges may apply if you’d like us to tackle more than one process.

What’s included in the Process Health Check?

The Health Check begins with a short call to select a key process and describe the steps involved. Our experts dedicate time to understanding and mapping this process, identifying opportunities for automation and efficiency improvements. The findings are shared in a focused Health Check session. This will give your team the knowledge to implement AI and automation effectively. Additionally, you’ll receive comprehensive insights into potential savings and productivity improvements.

Every attendee also gains access to our exclusive Ultimate ChatGPT Toolkit, featuring over 1000 ready-to-use AI prompts.

How do I get started?

Engaging with our team is easy. Begin by arranging a short intro call to discuss your needs and schedule the Health Check. During this one-hour meeting, we’ll dive into your manual process challenges. To book your initial call and start your journey towards operational efficiency, simply use the booking link here.

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