Use case for recruitment

Staying ahead of the competition is crucial to growth

One in every 67 companies in the UK is a recruitment company so any recruitment business owner will know that competition is fierce.

So being supplied with relevant data instantly, when companies are actively hiring or are researching your competitors online could be the crucial factor that gives your recruitment company the competitive edge.

At Automaly our prospecting automation strategies are ideally placed to help your recruitment company to grow quickly and efficiently.


of time spent one one position

“Recruiters spend more than 30% of their workweek sourcing candidates for one position. One-third of these professionals spend over 20 hours.” Entelo, Recruiting Trends Report

Automaly can help your recruitment company to grow, consistently and at speed, by using our powerful marketing and sales automation software.

Automatic prospect generation tools will produce a consistent supply of companies who are ready to have recruitment conversations right now.

You can improve the productivity of your recruitment team and let the software automatically generate your next leads and customers.

Buyer Intent Data Supplier

Calling companies without any insight data is inefficient and unproductive

“It takes an average of 18 calls to connect with a decision maker. But what if you only called those decision makers who were ready to have a conversation?”

By leveraging buyer intent data in your existing sales and marketing process we can automate a consistent supply of relevant prospects and leads for your recruitment business.

Data is the future of the recruitment industry and understanding how to use it to get ahead of the competition is the key to success – and Automaly can show you how.

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