Pipedrive CRM Setup and Consulting

Automating sales funnel and marketing communications is troublesome if you have never done it before.

Take this problem off your shoulders by ordering Automaly’s Pipedrive consulting services. We tailor the collaboration model based on your business size and needs. You may request quick training or fully delegate Pipedrive CRM setup and marketing & sales automation.

Consultancy and automation to help you thrive

Pipedrive Consultant Will Make Every Sales Automation Decision Work

Automaly are Premier Pipedrive Partners. That means that our team are certified Pipedrive experts and can help your business to supercharge your Pipedrive experience. We use Pipedrive daily in our own business, and we’ve built and extensive knowledge of the best ways to integrate and automate all of our business software with Pipedrive. Let us help you generate the maximum return on investment and sales with Pipedrive CRM.

Why Pipedrive Consulting Services From Automaly?

Automaly deservedly belongs to a community of the Premier Pipedrive Partners, who help less experienced businesses with CRM adoption. We have tested different best-in-class technology for sales automation but prefer Pipedrive as a foundation. Pipedrive’s simplicity makes it universal. Why so?

Pipedrive is an all-in-one sales platform with extensive integrations that let us achieve practically any business goal. It nurtures your leads with automated emails, boosts your sales team performance, qualifies leads, redistributes tasks, and more. Tell us what you need, and we will do it for you with Pipedrive.

Automaly focuses on SMEs since they usually need sales automation assistance the most. If you run a small or medium company, you possess several characteristics that make you a perfect fit for hiring Pipedrive CRM consultants:

  • You have no time for the trial and error method. 
  • You lack in-house sales automation specialists. 
  • You want to outsource a part of tasks to become more productive.

If these issues sound familiar or you need help with sales process automation for any other reason, let us support you.

Here is How Pipedrive Consulting Works

It takes four simple steps to boost your Pipedrive effectiveness.

Step 1: You schedule a free consultation on our website.

Get a free consultation with a Pipedrive consultant to share your problems and learn how we can solve them. You choose the time and get contacted to confirm the arrangement. It’s an excellent opportunity to get professional advice.

Step 2: You decide what scope of involvement you need.

Once you are ready to work with Automaly, tell us what you expect and how much help is needed. You may want advice on integrations or ask us to audit your sales processes. Based on your preferences, we recommend the best collaboration model and proceed with the practical part.

Step 3: We research your sales funnel and recommend how Pipedrive can optimise it.

Before taking any steps, we analyse where you currently stand to build a custom strategy. We match your resources with your goals and offer Pipedrive capabilities that would let us achieve them. We are transparent about what you will get and how much time it will take.

Step 4: We do the work and you enjoy the result.

When you agree on the plan, the Automaly team implements the necessary integrations and workflows. We test everything to ensure it works and evaluate initial results. You can sit back and relax while Automaly grows sales on your behalf.

Custom Pipedrive Sales & Marketing Automation

We can help you configure automated workflows and connect additional apps for ultimate automation and sales performance.

Whether you already utilise some Pipedrive features or have just learned about the platform, we have a lot to offer. Automaly Pipedrive consultants evaluate each unique case to recommend the best ways to implement automation. Time and cost-efficiency is our focus. We calculate your expenses and create sales forecasts to offer the sales workflow that will minimise the spending while yielding great results.

We explain what sales processes you should change and always back it up with data.

Your key metrics are sure to hike after we optimise Pipedrive.

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Pipedrive Apps & Software Integrations

We believe that versatile integrations are one of the core Pipedrive benefits. They complement the main platform powering its functionality. Yet choosing the right combination of apps is a real challenge not everyone can handle. 

Do you know when to connect Pipedrive to Leadfeeder and when to integrate Klenty? Well, we do. We are also experts in hundreds of other Pipedrive integrations that can boost businesses across industries. Pipedrive integrations let us tailor the capabilities of the platform to every business, be it a recruitment agency or an outbound sales team.

So if you doubt what tools to add on top of the Pipedrive CRM, contact us to find a quick answer.

Why Hiring a Pipedrive Consultant is a Shortcut to High Sales

Of course, you can integrate the Pipedrive CRM and set up sales flows on your own. So why should you consider contracting a Pipedrive Consultant? 

Automaly’s Pipedrive CRM Consulting service is a chance to start sales automation right.

Without Pipedrive training, you can mess up your sales process and make counterproductive changes. Your leads will get the wrong emails or receive no answer at all. Task distribution within your team may not work, disrupting the entire sales flow and leaving customers dissatisfied. Hiring a Pipedrive CRM consultant is a sure way to avoid such trouble.

Another reason to ask for help with Pipedrive is increased productivity. Manual administrative chores, note-taking, and task distribution undermine the efficiency of sales teams. Instead of talking to leads, they are stuck in a routine. You can delegate all these tasks to software when you automate the sales process with professional help. You also don’t overburden your teammates with sales optimization.

Automaly does everything.

Schedule a free Pipedrive workflow automation consultation

Bonuses: Get What Others Don't

Since Automaly is a Premier Pipedrive Partner, by hiring us, you get access to bonuses other Pipedrive users don’t have. We deeply care about our customers and want to provide you with services you won’t find anywhere else.

Our special offers include:

  • An extended month-trial

We share partner access to Pipedrive, which grants you a 30-day free subscription instead of the standard 14 days.

  • Demo consulting

You can request a free consultation for your unique case and get acquainted with our Pipedrive experts to make up your mind about Automaly.

  • Tailored automation strategy

We treat every customer with a personalised approach based on your business domain, size, resources, and goals.

  • Done-for-you service

If you seek more than consulting or training your staff, we can manage the entire Pipedrive automation process.

Need a done-for-you bespoke package? We’re all ears

Let’s talk about how we can help you. Our team can recommend a custom done-for-you service for your sales and marketing teams!

Why do I need Pipedrive CRM consultants?

Hiring professional consultants allows you to save time and get up and running quickly. You also eliminate the risk of making mistakes and losing your existing customers because of poorly configured sales automation.

How much do your services cost?

We have investment options for businesses of any size and requirement. The actual cost will depend on the scope of Automaly’s involvement you need. Download our pricing guide here for more details.

What can a Pipedrive consultant do for my business?

If you already use Pipedrive, we can evaluate your existing workflows and approaches to optimise them. If you need to implement it from scratch, Automaly can train your team, guide you through the process, and recommend the best Pipedrive integrations in your case. Overall, we do everything from occasional consulting to ongoing support.

Can you configure everything for my sales team?

Yes, if you want to fully outsource the Pipedrive setup or integrations to Automaly, we can do the configuration for you. Any Pipedrive implementation we manage is customer-focused, meaning we find a personalised automation solution based on your business needs.

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