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Mastering AI and business automation can be challenging, especially with the current pace of technological change.

Let Automaly handle these tasks with our range of AI and automation services. We customise our solutions based on your business size and needs. You can choose the level of service that matches your goals and budget.

AI Consultancy and automation

Transforming Businesses through Intelligent AI & Automation

At Automaly, we're passionate about AI & automation. We use these technologies daily in our own business, and we've built extensive knowledge of the best ways to integrate and automate business software. Let us help you maximize your ROI with AI & automation.

AI & Automation Consultants

Sales & Marketing Process Automation

Improve Sales & Marketing Results with AI & Automation

Sales and marketing are vital to your organisation. Yet, these departments can often be overly complicated and process-heavy. Seamlessly building closer integrations with Automaly’s AI and automation services streamlines your business processes, leading to rapidly improved results.

We automate repetitive tasks and deploy AI for rapid and accurate decision-making – freeing up countless hours across your teams. Does your organization:

  • Spend exhausting hours researching, drafting, proofing, and publishing content for your website?
  • Grapple with manual data entry for your CRM or manually sending follow-up emails?
  • Suffer from incomplete datasets and lose hours hunting for missing sales data?

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, you should explore Automaly’s sales and marketing automation solutions.

Automaly helps businesses reclaim hundreds of hours, enabling them to dedicate resources to high-value tasks and achieve better results.

AI & Automation Consultants UK

Certified Airtable Experts

Optimise Your Operations with Expert Airtable Consulting

Integrating your CRM with other tools can be daunting. However, Automaly’s Airtable consulting services will effectively address these challenges. Airtable is renowned for its flexibility and integration capabilities and as proud Airtable Partners, we bring certified build and development expertise to your Airtable project. 

Our Airtable Consulting is the perfect fit for your organisation if:

  • You’re adopting Airtable for the first time: We offer comprehensive setup and customisation to make Airtable work for you.
  • You’re transitioning from another CRM to Airtable: Our team provides seamless migration support, ensuring a smooth transition without disrupting your existing workflows.
  • You want to enhance your current Airtable setup: We optimise your setup to increase ROI by connecting it more effectively with other apps and tools.

Companies that automate and integrate their CRM are meeting their sales goals more effectively.

With Automaly’s Airtable Consulting, you’ll gain a skilled partner to optimise your processes. Automaly’s approach ensures that your CRM drives business success.

Why Choose Automaly for Airtable Consulting?

  • Tailored Solutions: Our services are crafted to meet each client’s unique needs, ensuring that your Airtable setup perfectly aligns with your business objectives.
  • Proven Expertise: As certified Airtable partners and CRM experts, our consultants have successfully implemented Airtable solutions, delivering improved operational efficiency and ROI.
  • Strategic Automation: We don’t just automate tasks; we create strategies that enhance efficiency and productivity across your business operations

Speak to our Airtable experts to discover how Airtable can transform your business operations.

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Custom AI Assistants

Grow Faster with Custom AI Assistants

Navigating the complexities of intelligent automation is straightforward with Automaly’s Custom AI Assistant services.

Our Custom AI Assistants will integrate into your current operations to improve efficiency and accelerate decision-making.

As experts in AI development, we bring a deep understanding of coding, machine learning, and natural language processing to each project.

Our Custom AI Assistant Service is ideal if:

  • You’re trying to improve operations or sales: A Custom AI Assistant is trained on your brand and processes to automate tasks, streamline operations, or serve as a 24/7 sales assistant.
  • You’re considering AI for the first time: We offer comprehensive design and implementation services to integrate AI into your operations.
  • You’re transitioning from basic AI: Transition from basic to advanced AI to meet your growing needs without disrupting existing operations.

Partner with Automaly’s AI specialists and transform your business processes.

Why Choose Automaly for Custom AI Assistant Services?

  • Tailored AI Solutions: Our services address your unique challenges and opportunities, ensuring that your AI Assistant drives your business forward.
  • Proven AI Expertise: Our specialists have a track record of successfully deploying AI Assistants across various industries
  • Strategic AI Consultancy: We develop AI strategies that fundamentally enhance your business’s operations. Our consultative approach ensures that each project delivers its goals.

Contact our AI specialists today to explore how a Custom AI Assistant can revolutionise your business operations.

Stay ahead of the competition with AI & automation services

Job Tracking Automation

Automaly’s Job Tracking Automation will transform your CRM, guaranteeing up-to-date contact information

With 30% of the workforce transitioning between jobs annually, outdated data significantly impacts your business, leading to lost sales opportunities and wasted costs.

Our service automates the data updating process and provides real-time job change tracking. This enables you to refine your outreach strategies and keep customer connections relevant. This proactive approach to data management ensures you’re constantly engaging with relevant contacts, improving the effectiveness of your communication and helping to grow sales.

  • We can integrate with any CRM system
  • Within 24 hours, we begin analysing your existing data, identifying inaccuracies, and supplying the necessary updates

Choosing Automaly’s Job Tracking Automation means committing to a more efficient CRM system.

It’s a strategic investment for businesses aiming to stay ahead in a competitive market, ensuring every customer interaction is based on current, reliable data.

AI & Automation Consultants

Technology Audit & Assessment

Save Costs, Improve Productivity & Increase Tech ROI

Does your current tech stack truly maximise efficiency and investment returns? Automaly’s Technology Audit service scrutinises your existing technology infrastructure, identifying opportunities for consolidation, automation, and cost reduction. 

Our experienced consultants kick off the process with an examination of your current technology ecosystem. They will pinpoint underleveraged resources, potential tech redundancies, and areas ripe for automation or the selective integration of AI.

The audit doesn’t conclude there. We also offer suggestions for fresh technology or integrations to improve productivity and operational performance. With our laser focus on improving results, our audit service will serve as your strategic blueprint for a more controlled and cost-efficient technology environment.

Unlock your potential and transform your tech ecosystem with our comprehensive tech audit service. 

Join the AI & Automation Tech Revolution

Our initial calls are always free. Speak with our team to quickly find out if we’re a good fit for your business.

How does Automaly’s AI & automation service guarantee an ROI?

Automaly’s AI & Automation service guarantees an ROI by meticulously calculating each integration or automation’s potential time and cost savings before implementation. This strategic approach allows us to focus on solutions that will give your organization the highest return on investment.

By automating repetitive tasks and deploying AI for rapid and accurate decision-making, we free up your team’s time, allowing them to focus on strategic, revenue-generating activities.

What is the benefit of automating my CRM with Automaly?

Automating your CRM with Automaly allows you to leverage thousands of apps and integrations designed to make your working life easier. This results in increased productivity, seamless tech stack integration, and improved sales outcomes.

Our automation solutions are designed to eliminate manual tasks, reduce errors, and free up your team to focus on strategic, high-value tasks.

How can Automaly’s AI & automation services streamline my business processes?

Automaly’s AI and automation services streamline your business processes by taking over repetitive tasks such as data entry, follow-up emails, and report generation. This allows your team to focus on strategic work, enhancing productivity.

Our AI solutions provide rapid and accurate decision-making support, from forecasting sales trends to identifying high-value customers. This leads to more informed business strategies and improved operational efficiency. Automaly saves your team’s time and drives better business results by reducing manual work and leveraging AI’s analytical power.

What is AI Prompt Engineering, and how can it benefit my business?

The output of AI is often only as good as the input. AI Prompt Engineering involves crafting custom AI prompts to improve communication with your AI systems, such as ChatGPT.

This service can transform your AI results, driving intelligent automation, yielding deeper data insights, and streamlining complicated processes. It helps bridge the communication gap between your teams and AI, leading to greater technology uptake and improved productivity.

How can Automaly’s AI & automation services help improve my sales and marketing results?

Automaly’s AI and automation services enhance your sales and marketing results by implementing AI-driven lead scoring for prioritizing prospects, automating email campaigns for personalized customer communication, and streamlining sales processes to increase efficiency.

Automaly’s AI and automation services streamline your business processes by taking over repetitive tasks such as data entry, follow-up emails, and report generation. This allows your team to focus on strategic work, enhancing productivity. Our AI solutions provide rapid and accurate decision-making support, from forecasting sales trends to identifying high-value customers. This leads to more informed business strategies and improved operational efficiency.

Automaly saves your team’s time and drives better business results by reducing manual work and leveraging AI’s analytical power. We can also leverage AI for data analysis, providing valuable insights to inform your strategy and enabling more targeted marketing campaigns. Focusing on automating these tasks, Automaly frees up your team’s time, allowing them to focus on high-value, productive work.

How much does your AI & automation services cost on a monthly basis?

Our AI & automation services are an investment that pays for itself. While we offer retainer packages to suit various budgets, the cost is zero! The time and cost savings you gain from our services will more than offset the upfront payment. The pricing of our services reflects the substantial value we add to your business by streamlining processes, boosting productivity, and enhancing decision-making.

For more detailed information on our pricing, please visit With Automaly, you’re not just purchasing a service but investing in your business’s future.

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